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Addy Digital is looking for a full-stack developer to join our engineering team and help us develop high quality, scalable software applications for our Client’s farmer users and eco-system partners, for the mobile and the web. The candidate should be experienced in both front-end and back-end programming languages, development frameworks and third-party libraries, comfortable working in a dynamic start-up

environment, and passionate about developing software that can transform the lives of some of the most under-served communities in the world.

Responsibilities of Full Stack Developers

  • Understand functional and non-functional requirements for software to be developed.
  • Detectgaps/inconsistencies in requirements and work with relevant stakeholders to resolve the same and improve requirements specifications
  • Collaborate with architects and other developers on the architecture, high-level and low-level design of software
  • Take complete ownership of modules assigned for development, and provide reliable time estimates for the same
  • Actively participate in iterative software development following agile principles.
  • Regularly report on the progress of your work, assist other developers and help remove bottlenecks that impede team success
  • Write high-quality and well-documented functional code on the front-end and back-end, adhering to industry-best practices for software development
  • Collaborate with UX designers to develop front-end of applications with creative and appealing visual design
  • Develop and manage well-functioning databases and well-maintained code repositories
  • Perform thorough testing of software and troubleshoot to address programming issues and remove defects, provide quick resolution of production issues
  • Develop APIs to facilitate easy consumption of software services and help integrate with other components to ensure a fully-working system
  • Deliver software on time, meeting all functional and non-functional requirements

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Technical Skills

Excellent programming skills in both front-end and back-end languages and frameworks (e.g.,Ionic, React, React-Native, Angular, Node, Java, Spring, Python, Django etc.)

Excellent skills in a few of these languages and frameworks would be required, along with a willingness to learn new languages/frameworks as needed

Hands-on experience with collaborative coding repositories (e.g., GitHub, Bitbucket).

Experience with relational and non-relational databases and data-warehouses (e.g., MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL), Analytics/Business Intelligence/Reporting (e.g., Tableau)

Experience with cloud-native environments (e.g., AWS) and DevOps, CI/CD pipelines

Knowledge of software modelling (e.g., UML) and data modelling approaches

In-depth understanding of object-oriented programming concepts

Experienced in agile software development practices

Experience with multiple technology stacks on web and mobile

Experience & knowledge of Insurance domain would be a bonus

Other Skills

Critical thinking and problem solving: should be able to provide innovative solutions to complex business problems

Excellent communication and collaboration skills: able to effectively work with product managers, architects, other developers and testers, and DevOps engineers

Self-motivated and willing to learn new technologies and business domains (especially related to Finance/Insurance/Agriculture).

Academic/Professional Qualifications

At least a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/IT from a reputed university, and with a strong track record of academic accomplishments

Professional certifications related to Programming, Cloud, Security, Big Data etc.

About the Client

The client is an Insurtech company, uses deep tech to deliver instant access to personalized insurance products and advisories for small farmers and rural communities globally, enabling financial resilience, economic empowerment and sustainability of livelihood. Using AI/ML, augmented reality, multi-modal interactivity and gamification, we are leading a farmer-centered, technology-driven disruption of legacy insurance approaches to automate the entire insurance value chain and create profitable new products and markets across the agriculture and insurance ecosystem. We are assembling a mission-driven team of technologists, agronomists, earth scientists, and actuarial analysts to build the platform. We seek to provide an open and exciting work environment, which offers immense opportunities for learning and growth in a high-performance culture, and embraces diversity of people and ideas.



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