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Digital Transformation with MobileOffize

MobileOffize simplifies your Business Processes – Desk Works as well as Field Works. It empowers your work force with knowledge and data needed to execute their tasks. It is build around a strong governance framework which allows you to put control on the critical business activities. Developed on a real-time platform, your business processes are alive 24x7. With real-time dashboard and reports at your fingertips, you can monitor the progress or challenges of your workforce on your mobile any time of the day.

MobileOffize is ideal for Small and Medium Businesses, Distributed Teams or Network of Partner or Associates. It has been successfully adopted in a number of industries like BFSI, Retail, Agri Business, and Consumer Goods.

MobileOffize has successfully solved business problems for a number of functions like Marketing (Lead Management, Market/Channel development), Back Office (Documentation, Verification), Collections (Pre-Payment, Over-Due), Audit (Documentation, Operations), and Human Resources (On-boarding, Attendance, Expense).

Reduce Cost with MobileOffize

MobileOffize’s Digital Toolkit codifies your business processes in less than a week’s time. This accelerated development time along with the flexible configuration options reduces the cost of a long development cycle.

  • Try & Buy
  • Define-Configure-Go Live in less than 1 week!
  • One App, Many Solutions

Improve Productivity

  • Quick Start - Download & Signup. Add Team Members.
  • Share knowledge, Tasks, Instant Messages and Group Messages
  • 100% Reach - Reach Team Members - Anywhere, Anytime, even Offline (Delivered as soon as Network available).

Security and Confidentiality

Your Company Data stays in secured Enterprise Data Centers. We use highly secure Google Cloud Platforms for storing your enterprise data. Our mobile apps are scanned for security vulnerability. Once you revoke access to any team member data from the app is remotely wiped away.

Is digital transformation really expensive?


Salesforce CRM

We have successfully delivered more than 20 Salesforce projects within 3 years. We have mastered the complexities of an end to end CRM implementation

Amazon Web Services

Build new apps in the AWS Clouds or migrate your existing apps to AWS Cloud. We will do it for you.


MobileOffize is your work ToolKit with Chat, Task, Report and Knowledge Management Integrated in One Mobile App. Completely customised for your business process for Work On the Go.

Custom App Development

Have a great product Idea and looking to translate it to the next viral app in Android, IoS or Web. Come to us for a quick prototype.

IT Consulting Services

Our Technology advisors studies your business processes and helps you choose right solutions to keep you ahead of competition.

Digital Marketing Services

Reach out to your prospective customers and build relations using our Digital Marketing Services.



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