Salesforce developers enjoy the windfall but must work hard to remain relevant .

Salesforce says it’s going to create 5 lakh new jobs in India alone by 2026.
It’s a great time for someone who invested time energy to learn and earn Salesforce certification. The corporates are paying 2-3 times salary to onboard them compared to their full stack or Java contemporaries .

While this is great time to be a Salesforce Certified Developer, yet a note of caution.

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Firstly, when a company hires a developer for 3 times their previous CTC, they have already set much higher expectations for their clients. Clients ( End Clients that is) expect the all in one platform of Salesforce is Getafix’s magic potion which will make them as strong as Asterix and Obelix and smash their business problems out of the park. So keep a close eye on the customer’s expectations and do deep research in Trailhead and Salesforce communities to find the best possible solutions. Keep the customer updated about the limitations or extra customisation needed in advance to avoid disillusionment. Bear in mind it’s easy to get a high paying job but to keep it needs hard work.


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Second of all, there is a something called a bullwhip effect (
I was fortunate to see it illustrated in class by Prof Saral Mukherjee at IIM Ahmedabad. While it applies to demand forecasting leading to Supply Chain inefficiency, in an overheated job market partial to Salesforce certified developers, it is more applicable than ever. Everyone, well almost looking to switch to Salesforce. Some are trying to decorate their resumes with a Salesforce certification ( at times applying dubious means). While this is all right but make sure you keep your chops up to date by passionately applying them to solve business problems. A certification may help in getting a high paying job, but if you are not able to apply them effectively client will soon show you the door. Soon you could find yourself in a sea of Salesforce Certified developers with a high last CTC and several others willing to take your job at a lower CTC. Remain relevant by continually upgrading your skills, add new skills and certificates – so that this honeymoon never ends.

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Finally, Salesforce is the smartest software company in the world. They have an amazing value system, based on sharing and the concept of ohana. It is creating wealth for its community as well as it is uncovering value for its customers. Let’s work hard and contribute to the success of this amazing platform.


Debasish Addy
Author is the Community Group Leader of Trailblazers Marketer Community Group Kolkata



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