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Research Based Decision Making

IT Consulting Services

IT Consulting Services, with decades of experience behind our leadership team, Addy Digital Analytics is a strong player in the IT Consulting Services space. We provide Advisory Services to Businesses in selecting Products and Solutions which fits in the IT Roadmap for different industries. In addition to the IT Consulting Services, our team of Business Consultants brings out the bottlenecks and problem areas in your Business Processes and provides deep dive analysis to recommend long term solutions.
Our Technology Research Team is continuously tracking the evolution of the latest Frameworks and Platforms. This effort helps our Customers to choose the cost and time effective Solutions for their business and avoid the pitfalls with the technology fads. Our Technology Consultants are certified in a number of Platforms so you are assured of the quality of analysis. Every solution or recommendation we make is backed by Market knowledge so that you can concentrate on your business and trust on our Business Consultant Services for your IT decisions. Speak to our representative to find out how we can help your IT Strategy and Roadmap with our Business Consultant Services.

Management Consulting Services

“you can't manage what you can't measure.” -- Peter Drucker Like in any other business unless you are able to measure the outcome of your investment, you can not manage it. Our IT Consultants helps you to design KPIs to measure IT adoption in your organization as well as help improve them over time.

  • Various Analysis Options including ROI and Payback period
  • Customized Reports and Dashboards

Bridge the Gap between Strategy and Implementation

IT Services Company with its own Software Development Services serves to bridge the gap between Strategy and Implementation.

  • Multi Platform Knowledge like Salesforce, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services
  • Skilled Developers in Java, Apex, JQuery, .Net, PHP, Ionic, Android, IoS to name a few

Digital Transformation Advisory

The ever changing Technology Landscape means Businesses have to adopt to Change at a faster rate than ever before. Every day Challengers are coming up with new products and solutions which can disrupt the market and lure away your customers. Our Digital transformation Advisory focuses on critical components of your Business Processes which will give you significant returns of Digitization. However, Digital Transformation cannnot interfere with your day to day running of Operations. Our Digital Transformation Consulting Services helps you to prepare a Road-map to the Transformation path, creates Training and Knowledge Repository, focuses on your key resources i.e. Human Capital and leads the Cutover to the new Digitized Systems.

More than 60% of Digital Transformation Projects go over budget an over time. - this comes from the study performed by one of the leading Management Consulting firm of the world. How do we, Addy Digital Analytics ensure that our customers do not face the same problem? The answer lies in the details of the planning period. Our Study of your existing Business Processes identifies the impact on the People, Processes and Technology. This coupled with frequent demonstrations and Trainings of the transformation processes ensures that surprises are minimized and all the stakeholdes look forward to the new processes.

Is digital transformation really expensive?


Salesforce CRM

We have successfully delivered more than 20 Salesforce projects within 3 years. We have mastered the complexities of an end to end CRM implementation

Amazon Web Services

Build new apps in the AWS Clouds or migrate your existing apps to AWS Cloud. We will do it for you.


MobileOffize is your work ToolKit with Chat, Task, Report and Knowledge Management Integrated in One Mobile App. Completely customised for your business process for Work On the Go.

Custom App Development

Have a great product Idea and looking to translate it to the next viral app in Android, IoS or Web. Come to us for a quick prototype.

IT Consulting Services

Our Technology advisors studies your business processes and helps you choose right solutions to keep you ahead of competition.

Digital Marketing Services

Reach out to your prospective customers and build relations using our Digital Marketing Services.



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