Rediscovering Recruitment Post Unlock

How to make Hiring Process Simple again?

It’s a different world after a 2 years lull induced by the Pandemic. Despite the geo-political unrest in Europe, economies are bouncing back. Businesses have learnt going Digital is the only way to survive.  It’s the best of time for Technology professional, or is it? While there is a huge upsurge in demand,  are we having enough skilled talents to satisfy the need?  If this question is keeping you awake let’s find some answers below. 

5 challenges faced by Tech Industry

  1. Grooming Tech Talent
    • Tech grooming has taken a backseat ever since we started working from home. Hands on or on the job training, especially the mentor-mentee relationship has been the biggest casualty. This has led to a handful of experienced developers who know and do and a bunch of relatively un-experienced developers who joins online meetings but is not capable of handling real-life problems.  
  2. Retaining Tech Talent
    • The bond between co-workers and especially the company and employees has weakened. As jobs have become mobile, and no longer restricted in the tech capitals, tech professional are exercising freedom to choose from a host of other options. 
  3. Verifying Skills
    • Window Dressing of resumes is at an all time high. With a splurge of online courses and certifications, hiring experts are forced to re-train their AI and ML algorithms. Even for human intelligence it is getting difficult to sieve the practitioners from the posers.  
  4. Demand and Supply Gap
    • Big Transformation Projects need more Talent. Tech companies are at a war to fill up their positions. While this pushes up the Cost, the Quality is getting compromised to meet the Time. 
  5. Rising Cost of Hiring
    • A combined effort of the above 4 challenges is a huge jump in the hiring cost. Not only the outgo in terms of salaries are increasing, but the cost of hiring misfits takes the cost even higher.    

Revisit your hiring Strategy and Relook at your Hiring Process

The quickest yet most ineffective way is to treat hiring like buying from an E-Commerce Site

Only an informed hiring agent who understands your business can build the bridge between the right candidate and your organization

One of the best features rolled out by the Professional Networking platform LinkedIn was job seekers advertising them as #opentowork.

Don’t just rush in with an offer for such candidates.A typical candidate is likely to be open to work when they have at least one offer under their belt.  

Hire a candidate for a relationship lasting to his/her retirement day. Someone joining you to work remotely, will quit if asked to come to office.

Hire a candidate if he/she fits your corporate culture. If you are looking for short term business needs, better look out for a Contract to Hire agency. 

Help is at Hand - Checkout our Hiring Process

The Brief : Technology & Cultural Fit Criterion

The Campaign : Leverage Social Media to find Candidates who fits the role and the company culture

Interview : Connecting the panel with the Candidate

The Research :Technology, Competitor Companies, Candidate Propositions

The Screening : Cross verifying claims against actual credentials.

The Party : Celebrating right talent connected to the right company



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